The Watering System

Smarter Not Harder

Initially when we started our farm Cheri was watering our flowers everyday by hand.  After watching her watering 6 days a week for 8 hours a day we knew it was time to change our approach.  

Our moto is Smarter not Harder.

We decided we needed a better way to water our fields... so we decided to automate everything.

Water Harvesting System

We implemented a water harvesting system with an automated delivery system.  The automated delivery system has 16 different zones. 


So watering has become an automated solution where the push of a button we can water multiple fields, without having to spend hours hauling water buckets.

Fertilizer Injection System

Then came the fertilizer.  Watching Cheri walk around and hand fertilizer the plants was the next piece we needed to fix.   


Remember, Smarter Not Harder.

We decided to look into Fertilizer Injection Systems, so that we could automate all of our fertilizing needs.  We tried a cheap one first and the ole.. you get what you pay for is true.  We purchased a Dosatron Fertilizer, the same used by greenhouses and it is fantastic.